Poem in Your Pocket Day – a success!

WP_20140424_029 (1)Guilty admission: I’ve never celebrated Poem In Your Pocket Day until this year. National Poetry Month: of course. Lessons on poets/types of poetry: yes. Just not this day. And I don’t know why.

Shame on me, because with a little planning (seriously, very little) and a couple of teachers on board, PIYP Day was a huge, resounding success.


What I Did:

What Happened:

  • Ten staff members had poems in their pockets
  • Eight classrooms celebrated
  • Six classes of students (the usual library classes) had an opportunity to find/write poems during class (around 10-15 minutes)
  • Use of the library skyrocket, as students came in during recess to find poems, type copies of poems, and create their own “pockets”
  • Trading and collecting of poems was hot-hot among 1st – 3rd grade students

I eventually created a quick (think 45 min) display for my library windows on Wednesday morning when there were no classes in the library. To further share the poems that staff / students loved, it grew into this by the end of Thursday:

WP_20140424_028 (2)

What I’d Do Differently Next Year:

  • Have colored paper/patterns of pockets for students to make during recesses
  • Weather permitting, write a poem with chalk on the sidewalks leading to the building
  • Create a PIYP Day Tellegami video for the school-wide Daily News, to be aired the week prior

As students left school that afternoon, the mess in the library was worth it. It was one of those great student-centered days, where a very little bit of planning went a long, long way.


More ideas on how to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day are welcome! Share links/ideas below. 🙂

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