The Readbox and Tellagami

readboxThe day before Thanksgiving, after the kids had gone home, I got a creative bug to make a new library display.  I had seen many posts on Pinterest for a super-cute library readbox…and I finally figured out how I’d make it work in my library space.  Die cut letters, red and white paper, large hallway window = awesome!  The few teachers left in the building thought it looked great.

I could’ve left it at that…but then I learned about a new technology from fellow librarian and blogger Shannon McClintock Miller called Tellagami.   A free download on my iPad mini, a quick upload of a picture I’d taken, a few minutes to make my character look more “me”…and this is the result:

Is that cool or what?!?  Would you believe that it look less than 15 minutes to create from start to finish?  I can’t wait to find new ways to use Tellagami in my library.  If only my students could use this technology in the building (for as much as we love tech, our student access is very – VERY – locked down).  Imagine…book reviews, book projects, school tours, recess rules, art critiques…the ideas are endless.  Let me know how you plan to use Tellagami!

5 thoughts on “The Readbox and Tellagami

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