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Library Lessons: Sep 14-18, 2015

Week 3!

Kindergarten: Last week of Audrey Wood. Reviewing what authors do, where to find E books, what the E means. Introducing illustrators and spine labels. Great questioning opportunities with King Bidgood – what would you eat in the bathtub? How would you get the King out of the tub? How are the characters feeling, and how do you know?  Just an all-around great title for K’s.

To assist in a peaceful, quiet line-up: we made a Vine video of K’s books!

Grade 2: Week 2 of PIRATES, as we prepared for Talk Like a Pirate Day. As a class, we researched using WorldBook Kids. We searched for possible pirates, practiced reading/scanning for important information, and made connections between the real pirates and the fictionalized story Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies.  Did you know that each pirate in that book is named after a REAL pirate?! The 2nd graders figured that out during our research!


Grade 4: Show what you know using Destiny. 3 outcomes – log in/out, make a friend (me!), write a review. Good news – they could mostly do this. Bad news – their review writing leaves much to be desired. The mini-lesson on quality reviews (using the acronym THINK – Is is True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind?) needs tweaking. There was nothing helpful about a review that says, “It was great! Read it if you like funny books!”  That’s an opinion, friends. WHAT, exactly, was funny? Planning on sharing some of the student written reviews this week (the good and the bad), reading a short picture book, then setting them loose to write another, more helpful review.

Students also completed a short Reader’s Survey. I did one, too:


Any student who asked me a question gets a personalized response on their library pass via sticky note next week.

Lunch & Listen with 5th graders: Three stories , just over 30 students and 1 teacher 🙂


Library Lessons: Sep 1-4, 2015

Whoo-hoo! Week 1 of 2016-2016!

Kindergarten: All my best hints for teaching the K’s are here. During week 1, we: play Library iSpy, talk with my friend Tiger, get to know names using the squishy ball, follow the leader using tiger paw hands, learn where/how to sit down, read a story. Notice there is no check out…that’s next week.

2nd grade:  The sequel to last year’s WCCPBA winner! We read The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt, connected the story to our school social-emotional learning goals, and checked out ONE book. With no volunteers and large classes, having a slow start for checkout (1 item 1st week, 2 items 2nd week, etc) makes for a smoother, less harried start.

4th grade: Another story with crayons, but geared for the upper readers. Red by Michael Hall seems written for the SEL curriculum. Students were acutely aware of characters trying their best but still failing, for a red-wrapped crayon can’t color red if he’s blue underneath.  Lots of discussion was also generated around helping others (or Help the Rest, as we say).  Help looks many different ways, and sometimes the most well-intentioned help is really hurtful.


Library Lessons: Sep 8-11, 2015

15-16, Week 2!

Kindergarten: Audrey Wood, how we ♥ thee! The K’s checked out for the first time, and email introductions/expectations were sent to all K families.  Next week: more Wood and book care!

2nd grade: We’re getting ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19! This is part one of a two-part mini unit. We are connecting literature/research to local/world celebrations, which adds joy and excitement to reading and researching!

4th grade: Oh, Destiny…we’ve missed you! Week 1 of a 2 part Review Unit. All students had to sign our school Code of Conduct prior to logging in and using tech this year.