Library Lessons: Jan 7-11, 2019


YAY! More Ezra Jack Keats!  He is my all-time favorite, and sharing his stories with the K’s in January is one of my favorite things to do every school year.

Grade 1:

Grades 2 & 3:

Yahoo!  Week 1 of our Mock Caldecott Unit is here!


Grade 4 & 5:

Kicking off Book BINGO!  (more about Book BINGO here) I’ll be reading and charting my accomplishments alongside my students in library.  The goal: to finish ONE column by June.  They can choose the column, but I’ve set the goal.  Four of the eight teachers are completely on board with this, too!

And is there any better way to begin 2019 than with a read-aloud?

Cheers, y’all!  –arika

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