Book BINGO: update

After a number of requests for editable copies Book BINGO – and a timely PPT tip from my favorite school counselor, Mrs. Watling – Book BINGO is now available for anyone to download and edit as a PowerPoint file! Please be sure the slide size (under Design) is set at a custom size of 11″ x 8.5″ before printing.


book-bingo PPT 

Here’s the original Book BINGO post for reference, if needed.

What I learned after hosting Book BINGO for students in grades 2-4 during 2017-2018:

  1. Set a day each week when you’ll review completed Book BINGO cards. Otherwise, it’s overwhelming.
  2. Prizes? It’s up to you. If you go that route, our Book BINGO bookmarks (with tassels) were popular and inexpensive.
  3. Be prepared for students who want a new challenge board. I had numerous readers finish within a month and request a new challenge.  I wasn’t ready for this.
  4. Have grade 1 students who want to participate?  Let them.  Maybe make a few styles of boards to support all grade 1 readers: those reading independently and those reading with assistance.
  5. Audiobooks & read-alouds count!  Remind them – and their families – of this!
  6. I had zero teachers participate. Maybe because I was new and the program was new?  Either way, I’ll try again next year…
  7. During our assembly recognition of BINGO column finishers, I’d make a change: include students who are really working to grow as readers. There was the boy who read all 8 Dragon Masters books during Spring Break but never finished a column. A girl who only read graphic novels but never finished a column. An avid reader who didn’t care about writing down titles, only about reading. If I celebrate those who finish, I can also celebrate those who are reading in their own way.
  8. Waning interest? Increase booktalks…and tie the booktalks to sections of the BINGO board.

Cheers, y’all! –arika

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