Caring for Your Lion by Tammi Sauer

A favorite book from 2016 was Jon Agee’s Lion Lessons. Agee’s crisp cover, showcasing a lion and boy in lion garb, delivered a witty tale (tale?) of a boy who wanted to become a lion.  The best way to learn is, of course, by taking lessons and learning the steps from an expert in the field.  This read-aloud beautifully and begged for some creative dramatics.

Now, in 2017, comes Tammi Sauer’s clever Caring for Your Lion, taking the lion-learning to the next level. How, exactly does one care for a lion? Let’s find out.

Caring for Your Lion by Tammi Sauer

A young boy is expecting a new pet; however, expecting a kitten, he is surprised to receive a lion (a lion is, after all, a slightly larger version of a cat).  Now he is tasked to learn how one cares for a lion – it’s bound to be different than a kitten.  Step by step, humorous details of life with a lion unfold.  Feeding, litter-box training, and creating a space for play are integral to lion-care, as is a feather – it comes in handy to escape unexpected situations!  Sauer’s witty text is enhanced with Cummings’s (The Notebook of Doom) bold, graphic illustrations.  Case in point: the case cover, a pizza box, covered with toppings a lion would choose (veggie or meat?)  A brilliant choice for working on sequencing, it can also springboard into research lessons using primary sources and databases.  Imagine, after reading aloud, a lesson using the PebbleGo database to discover the actual needs and living environment of lions. Or taking notes observing lion behaviors as seen in a primary source: a lion webcam (does this one work? I can’t tell here in London!)  Share with ages 4-8.

Caring for Your Lion releases May 2, 2017.

One of the previewed titles at 2017 London Book Fair at the Sterling booth.

Cheers, y’all! 🙂 arika

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