New Year, New Adventures

Never there been a more aptly-titled blog post.

Yep: I am leaving Seattle – my home for the last 13 years – and headed to London.

I won’t lie: I am as excited as I am scared. My thoughts often ping-pong between “OMG. WE ARE MOVING TO LONDON! ADVENTURE, HERE WE COME!” and “We are moving…to LONDON?! Wait…we’re moving WHEN?! Early 2017?! So I won’t finish the school year? ACK!”

Why the move? My husband got a new job. Same company, different office. In fact, different CONTINENT.

Knowing the move was scheduled for early 2017 made the end of 2016 particularly tough. Giving notice and applying for leave. Breaking the news to students and staff, then saying goodbye – to current and former students, families, teachers, friends. Cleaning out my office. Prepping for a replacement (a lovely librarian I had the timely pleasure of meeting last fall at AASL – yet another reason Why I Conference). And, finally, walking away.

More truth: I have never cried more in my life than walking in – then out – the door for the last time. And those stairs. Walking up those steps for the first time, I imagined and dreamed to be a librarian that changed people’s perspective and stretched their expectations. As I left, I hoped I achieved it. #mtigerslibrary

I spent a lot of time in December walking around the small community where I’ve spent the better part of my life since moving to WA – taking pictures, documenting, remembering. The NW is beautiful, but especially the spaces near my school. These are from a few final walks.

And now it’s January. The New Year. Adventure Time. When do I leave? Great question. Our departure date keeps changing, but my heart tells me I’ll be In London at the beginning of March (though with the delays we’ve already had, I won’t be surprised if it’s later).

So what about this blog? What’s to come of it? Four years ago, I thought long and hard about the name. I settled on job title and first name because those are two things that are always constant. I will always be a librarian – it’s what I tell my students as they graduate: “always your librarian”. And my name – it isn’t going anywhere. Students could easily find it. And the domain name was available.

LibrarianArika – the person AND the blog – will head abroad to experience expat life…and, if I’m lucky, expat teaching.

Let the New Year Adventure begin.

7 thoughts on “New Year, New Adventures

  1. janis albinson

    Thank you for your amazing blog and I wish you well. You’ll have so much fun! Be sure to visit Edinburgh (my home town). You will love the friendly people and all of the sights to see. I really do appreciate the effort you have put into your blog, it has helped me tremendously. Bon voyage! Janis (No. California)

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Thank you. When I started, it was for me to remember what I taught and to share (‘sharing is caring’ is a favorite phrase in our house). Having others find value in the posts was – and is – truly more than I ever expected. There is so much more that I need to write – and now I have the time (at least for a bit). And I will be sure to get to Edinburgh. Cheers, arika

  2. Julie C. Doepken

    Blessings on your move! I have enjoyed reading your blog, which I started after meeting you briefly at AASL.

  3. libraryloverleslie

    What an exciting adventure for you and your family! I have loved your blog and it was so helpful to me my first year as an elementary school librarian! You have so many great tips and lesson ideas and you are so generous in sharing them. I too had a move recently, back to the Pacific Northwest! I’m working part time in a public library now and still so enjoy reading your blog. I’ll look forward to future posts. All the best…and thank you!

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