What’s happening in our library this year?

The 2016-2017 school year is here, and there are new ideas, experiments, and explorations to be had in our library…both for students AND for me.

I was busy this summer, coming into the library for hours to think, tinker, plan, and lay the groundwork for a successful year.

Some of the big changes happening in our library this year:

  1. Mrs. Bethel, my dear colleague and friend, has chosen to stay home with her littles (and stop the crazy 1+hr commute). We all miss her adventuresome spirit, her dedication to students, and her try-anything attitude and wish her the best! We welcome Mrs. M to the library as the M/T library teacher.
  2. Self Check-Out! All students K-5 will learn to check out their own books. In the beginning, without parent volunteers, I will monitor and reinforce this independent skill.  Ultimately, parents will supervise to ensure no accidents.
  3. Seating! All students will have assigned seats in our story pit. I hope it will make learning/remembering names MUCH easier while allowing students to have a safe spot to sit that is just-for-them. At the end of check-out, all students will sit on the floor, in a line at “the goldfish line” (named for the goldfish on the rug near the door). This should alleviate issues like leaning in chairs, not pushing in chairs, crowding around one table, and leaving books/coats on tables.
  4. Student shelf markers! After last year’s disastrous library shelves, something had to be done. Putting a long-lost skill back in the rotation was needed. As students receive sturdy library passes each week, they will be taught (repeatedly) how to use them as shelf-markers to help keep books where they belong.  And to help this idea gain traction, students will earn the privilege to check out additional items when their class/grade consistently shows this new skill.
  5. Genre shelf markers! Thinking about the increase in ELL students – and addressing non-readers – I’ve created labels and attached cardboard signs to the ends of many nonfiction shelves. I hope these pictures will help students independently access the materials they like best in a timely manner.

Some ideas I’m mulling for the year:

  1. Flipped learning. How can I use videos to teach others? Maybe accessing the KCLS website, our databases, Destiny? Maybe volunteer training? Other ideas?
  2. International Dot Day. How will we celebrate? In-building or Skype connections? PST can make connections tough…
  3. Global Read Aloud in October/November with Lauren Castillo. MUST. DO. THIS. I love her titles. Would LOVE to connect with others to read and share.
  4. PokemonGo. The pop-culture hit of the summer. How on earth can I harness this into the library? Map skills in 2nd grade, yes. But how else? (NOTE: PokemonGo to the library for orientation! And It Was Awesome!)
  5. Monthly Makerspace? Maybe monster bookmarks in October, origami Pokemon, stop motion video using our iPads, finger-knitting, popsicle-stick weaving, green screen movies…
  6. Bathroom Reads. Covers of new books with short summaries in student bathrooms. Mr. Schu made this famous…  Reach readers where they’re at…literally.
  7. QR codes. How can we use them? How can students get involved, given that we are not 1:1 with any technology and that there are 10 iPads in our entire building?
  8. Diverse literature. How to share best practice and what the library has to offer with students/staff?

Finally, a tagline for the year. Having one would highlight all that I’m trying to do and be this year as a librarian, a learner, a teacher, and a human.  Currently, it’s either Read. Inspire. Connect. Educate. (RICE) or Dare. Read. Explore. Appreciate. Motivate. (DREAM)

Any thoughts or ideas? 🙂

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