Back to School Night in the Library

After some (read: 12 years) of trial and error, I’ve decided to present library information for parents/families on curriculum night a little differently. Papers are often overlooked, and many parents forget to stop by the library.

Thinking about what would make an impact, answer the top questions I receive, and share the most relevant information, I went high-tech. I give you: the back to school night library presentation using Tellagami!

5th grade:

2nd grade:

1st grade:


Classroom teachers can share these at their leisure on Curriculum Night / Back to School Night. It’s short, entertaining, and pertinent. Plus, it features the library and a cartoonish version of me 🙂

Tellagami continues to be a favorite app that has a variety of applications.  Curious on other ways we’ve used Tellagami in the library? Check HERE and HERE!


3 thoughts on “Back to School Night in the Library

  1. Karinn Figdore

    It looks just like you 😉 Will teachers show this to parents in their classrooms? Or when will parents view it? Just curious how it’s working at your school. Thanks!

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Thanks! Creating videos to share specialist information came up at a staff meeting as something that might work. The librarian doesn’t have a “presentation”. Our specialists have done meet and greet. We’ve stood up for quick intros. We have made hundreds of copies. This was a new way to get information out that didn’t include paper, and I ran with it. Teachers are able to share the videos in their classrooms if they choose. Keeping it short and to the point will, I hope, ensure viewing. I’ll let you know how many use them after tonight!


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