Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

Raymie Nightingale  by Kate DiCamillo

Be a problem solver. That’s what Raymie Clarke sets out to do, enrolling in a baton-twirling class so that she can enter – and win – the Little Miss Central Florida Tire pageant.  Because she expects winning will get her picture in the paper and she’ll become important enough for her runaway daddy to return home. It’s the unexpected friendships with fellow twirlers destructive Beverley (who wants to wreak havoc on the contest) and mild-mannered Louisiana (who is tougher than she looks and desperate for the prize money) that allow Raymie to accept that some problems aren’t always solved the way we’d like them – that it’s the journey, and the bonds formed along the way, that give us wings and let us fly.  (Ages 9+)

One of the titles shared at Build a Better Collection, part of PSESD’s 2016 T-L Summit.

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