Top 10 nonfiction of 2016

Poor nonfiction. So often, it seems like you’re overlooked. You’re not the glamorous, flashy graphic novel, You’re not the cute, endearing picture book. And you’re not the dependable favorite chapter book.

But you’re loved. Your pages inspire learning and creativity while entertaining and instructing.  Not including the graphic novels – which, while shelved in NF, are a different genre – these are our top 10 nonfiction of 2016.

10.Chess Tactics for Kids

Chess is huge among our students and families. The “tricky tactics” advertised on the cover? Guaranteed appeal.

9. Advanced Chess

No tricks here: this isn’t chess for rookies. Our students travel to state, regional and national competitions. Reading books to get a leg up = checkmate in my world!

8. Not-quite-so-easy Origami

Origami is one of the stations at our makerspace…one of the most popular stations. These cheery pinwheels scream “make me”!

6. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Note to self (and others): check with mom/dad before K students check this out. Chances are good it’ll be returned the next day with a note. Otherwise, it’s a perennial kid favorite.

5. Tales of the Cryptids

A first grader checked this out to prove to her classmate that mermaids were real. Why? “Because they’re in a book and that makes them real.”  Cue intense discussion.

4. Difficult Origami

This might explain all the mangled paper found throughout the library…

3. Easy Origami

I sometimes wonder if origami books circulate so much because they’re shelved next to the graphic novels.  Nope. Not possible. This is the third in the top 10.

2. Star Wars: revenge of the Sith

The too tall spine keeps this book shelved on its side, where students can’t see the spine. Usually, that’s the kiss of death for a book.  Not for Star Wars.

1. Action Optical Illusions

It used to be that the 100’s in the library were a ghost town (no, wait: that’s the 000’s.  Library joke!).  Not so with this title. We’re up to three copies, and they’re constantly circulating…hence it’s #1 status.

See all of our top titles for 2016 on display!

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