Top 10’s of 2015-2016

I love lists. I love books. Combining the two = HUGE LOVE.

Travis Jonker’s posts about his top titles from this school year were the inspiration. The library windows were the perfect place for a huge, visual display. And the last two weeks of the school year were ideal for a Top 10 countdown of the top circulating titles of 2015-2016.

Destiny made this easy with a top titles report. Publisher was perfect for the layout and color design. And the windows were home to an over-sized display of book love.

A break-down of the how’s and why’s for each genre is coming in the next week. Because there are reasons Elephant & Piggie ruled the roost, why a little bunny was the overall #1, and why those darn crayons just don’t quit circulating.


3 thoughts on “Top 10’s of 2015-2016

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