Books Build Tolerance


Without question the USA has had a tough week.  Aside from religious and political views, the heart of the matter is that we are what we tolerate.

Which got me thinking.

Building acceptance and tolerance of humankind in children and adults is necessary. Literature can help. The diverse themes, content, authors and ideas presented in books written today (and in the past)  not only comfort us in knowing that we’re not alone…they also teach us and provide understanding about others in our world. The honest, accurate characters in children’s/YA literature (compared, say, to TV) are ideal teachers.

The experts at Teaching Tolerance have lessons and resources on this topic. Librarians and readers have a deep knowledge of literature. So what can we do? 

What if it was as simple as this: commit to read, promote, share, and purchase books that promote tolerance of race, gender, identity, religion, ability, and sexual orientation.

What if we did that?

For the rest of June, I will share a kidlit/YA #bookaday that promotes tolerance. There cannot be too many pictures – so post them! Tweet or Instagram? Use the hashtag #BooksBuildTolerance. You’ll find me @librarianarika on all mediums.

So read. Share. Promote. EDUCATE. Build tolerance and educate through literature.

I can’t wait to see what you share.

2 thoughts on “Books Build Tolerance

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