Barnacle’s Boring Bubble Blog Tour!

Jonathan Fenske, Geisel Honor author, has written and illustrated his first picture book, Barnacle is Bored. It’s my pleasure to host Barnacle on his Boring Bubble Blog Tour!

Summary & Review:

Bored children, meet your comrade Barnacle. He experiences the same things every day: high and low tide, sunrise and sunset.  Nothing changes in Barnacle’s stationary life under a dock, until a new polka-dot fish swims by.  Filled with imaginative longing, Barnacle fancies him in exciting adventures: “I bet he dives with dolphins. I bet he soars with sailfish.” When the active fish is caught off-guard by the unexpected arrival of a hungry predator, both Barnacle and the polka-dot fish get new outlooks on life.  Fenske tackles a common childhood foe – boredom – in an appealing, engaging story that reminds us that things are not always as bad – or good – as they seem. The speech bubbles with straightforward vocab and crisp design with cutaways make this picture book perfect for newly independent readers….or anyone who has ever been bored.

Jonathan on Barnacle, boredom, and picture books.

I think Barnacle… is no different than most of us. We all have that person or group of people whose lives, from the outside, look so much more exciting than ours. Sometimes we find out things on the other side might not always be as awesome as they seem! But who am I kidding?! I know contentment is a lesson I never seem to learn!

Boredom ismy own fault! There’s always something to do. Sometimes you just have to use your imagination when finding what that “something to do” is! My mom says I ALWAYS complained about being bored. And now my own kids complain to me, so I guess there has been some justice in that (and book inspiration, too!). 

 Picture books...are eye-popping portals to magical new worlds. I spent hours and hours lost in picture books when I was a kid, and now I get such joy from reading them to my own children. I’m so very grateful to have such a fulfilling art outlet! Mixing words and pictures to create a book, and knowing parents and children are reading them together….I can’t think of any career I’d rather have! Hooray (and “thank you”) to everyone who reads picture books (and any books, for that matter)! 

Barnacle is Bored is in bookstores TODAY – May 10, 2016!

Kid Feedback:

Quotes from kids:

  • H, age 7: “I wonder what the polka-dot fish will do next? Maybe the barnacle gets loose and helps save the fish.”
  • J, age 8: “I think the polka-dot fish will have a plan to escape. Or maybe he’ll get digested and come out as droppings.”
  • J, age 6: “Maybe Barnacle will escape the eel’s stomach using the hook!”

BIG Thank You’s to Jonathan for sharing his book (and Barnacle swag)! And congratulations for being an Amazon Best Books of the Month for May 2016!

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