CBW, #ThankoRama, and sticky note art

Months ago, our library tiptoed into the Makerspace movement with Legos, coding, origami, and coloring.  Around that same time, a self-designed library display of sticky note art went up on our huge glass windows went up.

The thought had occurred that, ultimately, students should get to do this: it would be a great Maker activity, to design the library window display with pixel art! But after one week, no student had ventured into the library to work on this challenge. So I changed the plan of attack:

Students could take home the Maker activity! And boy, was this popular. Over 100 sticky note design grids went out in the first week alone.  The students went all-out: designs included a tiger (our mascot), an under the sea scene, a tree, an American flag, a Japanese flag, an owl, Nyan bunny, and more. One student even created two separate pixel designs: Elephant & Piggie, from Mo Willems’s beloved books.  Designs were due April 30, as a new display was due to go up.

Update: here is the template!

Know that this date was completely arbitrary…but completely perfect.

As it happens, May 2-6, 2016 is Children’s Book Week. The final book in the Elephant & Piggie series, The Thank You Book, is releasing May 3, 2016. And Mo Willems has decreed May as #ThankoRama month.

When I figured all of this out, it was like the pieces of a puzzle falling into place. Children’s Book Week + #ThankoRama + Elephant & Piggie = window art.

Last Friday afternoon, the 5th grade student designer helped install her Elephant & Piggie sticky note display. She had no idea about #ThankoRama or Children’s Book Week – she only wanted to share her love of the stories. And she has, in a big BIG way.

On the way out of school, students were in awe as the new art went up. And today, I imagine they’re loving the finished product.

This week, to celebrate #ThankoRama, CBW, and the final book in the Elephant & Piggie series, students will interact with the display. They can write their favorite E&P story (#1 – 25) on a sticky note in the display. At the end of the week, we should be able to tally and see our love for the different titles.

Aside from the cost of the sticky notes ($$), this was FREE and EASY. It blended art and design with math (have you ever tried to chart out a design? it’s harder than you think). Bringing creative fun to the library has never been so…well, fun. 🙂

6 thoughts on “CBW, #ThankoRama, and sticky note art

  1. Heather

    I am curious about what you sent home as design sheets. Did you give them parameters (size, colors, etc)? Can you post a pic of your design sheet (or a .pdf)? I want to do this.
    You always have the best ideas.

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your kind words. The template is at school, and I’ll upload it to the blog post tomorrow (along with close-ups of some completed design templates). Please share any displays you make! Happy reading! –arika

  2. Sherry Gick ; (@SherryGick)

    As more of us delve into this with students & our libraries, please share and use #PostItNoteArt hashtag! We’ve been doing this in my library since 2012. Students have the BEST ideas! (It’s a great way to get math teachers involved as well…) bit.ly/PostItNoteArt

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Hi! Thanks for the hashtag! Kicking this off in elementary has been tricky, but students in grades 2-5 tackled the challenge. Seeing the art hit the windows made it real in a very big, public way. Looking forward to continuing the fun and seeing what students create. 🙂 arika

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