2016 Tournament of Books: Elite Eight


Last week kicked off the 2016 ToB. Blending enthusiasm for books with March Madness bracketology of basketball, this is an exciting activity that boosts reading across grade levels.

Voting opened last Monday via free SurveyMonkey weblinks. (Side note: the visual nature of SM voting made it the winner over other options).  Over 250 students grades 2-5 voted…an admirable number, given that school was out on Friday for a teacher workday.

The results:

In the Graphic Novel region: Sisters defeated Sidekicks, while Amulet thoroughly trounced the Lunch Lady (perhaps due to a timely author visit by Kazu Kibuishi).

In the Picture Book region: Piggie and Elephant took out A Cool Motorcycle Dude and The Crayons (didn’t) Quit, winning their matchup against Leo.

In the Chapter Book region: Bunjitsu Bunny edged The Princess in Black and Mr Lemoncello’s Library emerged victorious against One for the Murphys.

In the hotly-contested Nonfiction region: A Boy and Jaguar snuck into the Elite Eight with just 4 more votes than Ivan, while the creepy Cryptids bested the Scary Stories.


The bracket is now set for the Elite Eight. These matchups promise to be nail-biters, as students have strong feelings about all eight titles. Let the voting begin!

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