2016 Tournament of Books!

Blending books and basketball, last week kicked off the 2016 Tournament of Books!


This year’s bracket consists of 16 titles. With the assistance of 5th graders, this year’s bracket has 4 regions: the Graphic Novel region, the Picture Book region, the Chapter Book region, and the Nonfiction region.

In the Graphic Novel region:

In the Picture Book region:

In the Chapter Book region:

In the Nonfiction region:

Why run a Tournament of Books? Because it engages students in books. They are EXCITED to vote. They try to PERSUADE others to vote for their favorites. They READ titles they haven’t read before. And they are CURIOUS to see which books move forward.

A note on some of this year’s title selections: while 5th grade students helped, consideration was paid to current/past state book award nominees. This ensures that more students will be able to participate. The 2nd graders alone have heard 7 of the contenders read aloud over the last 2 years!

Curious how to set up a Tournament of Books / Battle of the Books in an elementary library? Here are some helpful TIPS.

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