Mid-Winter break – staycation success

This morning was tough. Last week was mid-winter break: no school, no schedules, no alarms. Pure bliss.

Seattle did its usual: gray, cold, peekaboo sun bursts. So we did our usual, when given time: trips, treks, and treasured moments in our home state.

Finding out who’s wilder: the zoo animals or children who’d been cooped up inside.

Discovering that there are much cooler cars than Teslas and Porsches (the unofficial cars of the Eastside of Seattle) at LeMay.

Remembering just how beautiful our city is from high in the (Issaquah) Alps…and reaffirmation that snacks are the most important part of the trek.

Dropping by our neighborhood pool, “bubbled” for the winter, to play and splash and swim in solitude. Great Wolf Lodge, it isn’t…but it’s free and local!


Trekking into the city to a local “bookstore” to browse and play. And buy. It’s impossible not to buy. (Side note: The book selection available in the Ages 6-8 section is quite impressive. Though if I could give feedback, I’d label it for Ages 6-9.)

Creating something new with books and technology. Because we can only take so much rain before breaking out the electronics  – it is the rainiest winter on record here – J&H asked to play with the iPad. In return, they were asked to do something creative with it (read: not just Temple Run or YouTube). Scrolling through old videos, they were inspired by student projects from last year make using ChatterPix.  Result: talking books.

Strolling the aisles of the neighborhood library for new favorites and old stand-by’s. Eating lunches out. Making new dinners. Watching movies, snuggled in cozy-tight. Staying up too late. What a week. What. A. Week.

Now it’s Monday. Back to the world of school, sports, and no sleeping in.

But what a lovely week.

One thought on “Mid-Winter break – staycation success

  1. Kristi

    Thank heaven for you! I was just trying to come up with an idea to do book reviews with my students using technology. Chatter Pix is perfect for this! Thank you for sharing.


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