Library Lessons: Jan 25, 2016

Week 20.

After last week’s kindergarten meltdown disaster learning moment, this week was important. Growth mindset: check. Tools of the trade: check. Rearranging parent volunteers to show up mid-class, therefore allowing students to get in the door without losing focus: check.

Deep breath.

Using Tiger Pointers to help guide the group, it took one class 10 minutes to get inside from recess.  Line behavior – walking backwards, pushing, hitting, leaving the group – was gently redirected in a personal manner. We weren’t going into the library until the group could show expected school behaviors in the hall.

And classtime was better. Not perfect, but greatly improved.  We had to take a step back – less curriculum teaching, more real-world teaching. I’m hopeful that we will be back in our groove in a few weeks.

Oh: and we continued Ezra Jack Keats author study. One group was able to focus on spine label information and critical thinking regarding Peter’s age. Baby steps…

The 2nd graders finished a 4 week WCCPBA unit focusing on titles that encourage EMPATHY. This week:  Maddi’s Fridge by Lois Brandt.

The 4th graders began their journey into Digital Citizenship. The teaching resources on Common Sense Media are fantastic and guide our learning. Similar to lessons in previous years, we talked about different issues with using technology and the responsibilities we have when using it, guided by this PowerPoint.

And for the 5th gradersLunch & Listen! Students ate lunch and listened to:

2 thoughts on “Library Lessons: Jan 25, 2016

  1. Madam Librarian

    I have particularly challenging Kinders this year. We’ve changed our amount of time we, the Specialists, spend with each class. You inspired me to study Keats with them. It’s been great. They are the perfect length and students can identify with Peter. We are practicing inferring his age as we go along. That has been going well also! On longer days with them, I’ve started what I’m calling the Syllable Bag. You posted a link to this idea. Thanks for your dedication and your spirit.

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Hi, and thank you for your thoughtful comment! I empathize with you, and I’m glad you find the blog to be a useful tool. If you’ve ever got questions or wonders, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂 arika


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