Weekly Reading: Jan 11 & 18 2016

Weeks 1 and 2 of this year’s READolution!

Picture Books and Early Readers:

Transitional and Chapter Books:

My Family Adventure (Sofia Martinez #1) by Jacqueline Jules

SUMMARY: When Sofia blends into the background of her familia, she enlists her cousin to help her stand out on picture day. Includes glossary of Spanish words used within the story.   Lots of white space, color illustrations throughout. (c)2015

Night of the Living Worms (Speed Bump & Slingshot #1) by Dave Coverly

SUMMARY: Tired of always being bested by big brother Early Bird – who always gets the delicious, tasty worm – sleepyhead Speed Bump works with buddy Slingshot to devise a plan to get a worm on his own. Lots of white space, black/white illustrations throughout.  (c)2015

A Mysterious Egg (Dino Files #1) by Stacy McAnulty

SUMMARY: When his grandparents discover a mysterious egg  fossil on their archaeological dig, future paleontologist Frank witnesses the event of a lifetime: the hatching of a dinosaur! (c)2016

Nonfiction & Graphic Novels:

Young Adult Novels:

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

SUMMARY: Self-professed fat girl Willowdean thinks Private School hottie Bo is fine and pageants are a waste of time…until the day that Bo thinks she is fine and she voluntarily signs up for the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet Pageant. (c)2015

All-American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

SUMMARY: Rashad, picking up some chips and a drink at the corner shop, is pummeled by a cop for purportedly shoplifting and resisting arrest. Quinn witnesses the beating and is sickened when he realizes the cop is his best friend’s brother. Written in tandem, this seamless story from two perspectives leaves readers pondering the truths of priviledge and racism.  (c)2015

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