Library Lessons: Jan 11-15, 2016

Week 18!

The K’s continued the author/illustrator study of Ezra Jack Keats. We read Hi, Cat! this week, using illustrations and events from the story to infer Peter’s age (a CER question!).  While reading, we noticed Archie looking at his reflection in a store window. Students were able to list as many places as possible where they could see their reflection.  Open-ended questions like this allow all students to participate and feel successful!


As this week was the ALA Youth Media Awards, I combined the Newbery Medal, Caldecott Honor and WCCPBA (our state award) to share Last Stop on Market Street with the 2nd graders. Understanding that it won the top honor for best words and was a runner-up for best pictures, students have the chance to vote for it in March as their favorite nominee in Washington.  Perhaps the most powerful conversation came with how little they knew of soup kitchens – less than 10% had even heard the phrase. This story of serving others – of Helping the Rest, as our school believes – should serve as a springboard for future lessons and service projects.


The 4th graders had a follow-up to last week’s lesson on Henry Box Brown. Using the databases at KCLS, we researched primary sources in 19th century newspapers. This coincided with the announcement that KCLS and my school district have partnered to provide all students K-12 free access to the library’s digital offerings, regardless of library card possession. All they need is their student ID number, and the online offerings are available free of charge. Suffice to say, the 4th graders were VERY pleased to see how easy it was to access e-books via web browser. A few later used their recess time to further test the full offerings of the new service!

The 5th graders continue our weekly Lunch & Listen series. They were quite moved by Matt de la Pena’s Last Stop on Market Street (even those students who heard it last year in library class). They also laughed through Jules Feiffer’s Rupert Can Dance and Adam Rubin’s Big Bad Bubble before heading back to class. Of note, almost half the students who come for lunch stay through recess to listen to more stories. I love this and happily read even more!

3 thoughts on “Library Lessons: Jan 11-15, 2016

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Thank YOU for taking a moment to write. Your kindness keeps me going on days (weeks!) when I might otherwise not blog…which, to be truthful, have been too many. Getting back on the writing horse! Happy reading! –arika

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