Read Aloud Tuesday: 01.05.16

Happy New Year! 2016 promises to be a great, full of opportunities to read and share great books.  For the first #ReadAloudTuesday, I chose a handful of titles I’d missed sharing with the 3-6 year old children in the Maple classroom.


Little Big by Jonathan Bentley

A young toddler longs to be big, like his brother. Because big is always better…or so the boy thinks. Imagining himself as a giraffe, gorilla, and alligator has its benefits, but the drawbacks of bigness are too great to ignore. Being little has many advantages, and this gentle, perspective-filled story is a sweet way to embrace the greatness of small.  Share with ages 2-5.  New in 2015.


Toys Meet Snow by Emily Jenkins

Lumphy the buffalo, StingRay the stingray, and Plastic the rubber ball are back, this time investigating the magic of their first snow. Each characters unique voice – question-filled Lumphy, dreamy StingRay, factual Plastic – shines as they escape to the outdoors to explore the cold, magical snowfall. With a gift for poetic picture books and lush illustrations, Jenkins and Zelinsky have a quiet hit. Share with ages 3-8. New in 2015.


Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups by Tadgh Bentley

Little Penguin ate a bowl of chili and now – hic! – has a case of the hiccups. She’s tried many remedies – standing on her head, drinking water out of the wrong side of the cup – to – hic! – no avail. Imploring readers to help scare the hiccups out of her, as suggested by a friend, allows readers an interactive, giggle-fueled part in this easy, fun read. Highly recommended. Share with ages 3-8. New in 2015.


Pom Pom Gets the Grumps by Sophy Henn

Poor Pom Pom Panda: he’s woken up on the wrong side of the bed, starting his day of grumpiness. Nothing is quite right: his brother has a favorite toy, his cereal is lumpy, and hair isn’t behaving. At school, his friends try to cheer him up – they offer to play tag and jump rope, but Pom Pom is having none of it. “GO AWAY!”, he yells…and they do. Realizing that his response to their kindness is wrong, he apologizes for his rude behavior and his friends quickly forgive and forget and play…similar to many preschoolers.  A short tale for anyone who has woken up in a grump. Share with ages 3-6. New in 2015.


Each Tuesday is #ReadAloudTuesday, when I visit a local Montessori and read aloud to students ages 3-6 in the Maple classroom.  Young readers are demanding and honest: I strive to share the best of children’s literature with them each week.


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