2016 Readolution

Have you heard of a Readolution? Part reading, part resolution, a READolution is the act of setting a measurable reading-related goal for the new year.  In past years, I’ve focused on blogging about my reading and reading more nonfiction. Upon reflection, one was more successful than the other…though both resulted in much more reading.  Which is a good thing.


So, now that we’re FIVE days into 2016, it’s time to set this year’s Readolution.

Each week, I will share all chapter books and graphic novels read – including cover images and a brief summary – in a Weekly Reads blog post.  If time allows, I’ll share select picture books and nonfiction. 

This is similar to the 2014 Readolution for a reason: my memory is not as good as I think. Sitting down to reflect on the Best of 2015 posts, I forgot entirely too much about books I’d loved from early in the year. This Readolution aims to solve that problem. 🙂

Similar to previous years, my students will also be setting specific, measurable Readolutions as part of our library class. Here’s what we did last year, and this is exactly how to set up Readolutions for your students in the library.

Do you have a 2016 Readolution? Please share!

5 thoughts on “2016 Readolution

  1. Julie

    I’m doing Readolutions with my 3-5 graders this year. I LOVE the idea. I tweaked it a bit and am hopeful to get responses from my kids.

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