WLMA 2015!



What a treat it was to attend and present at WLMA 2015 in Yakima! Connecting with librarian friends near and far, collaborating on ideas to best serve students in WA and beyond, and creating learning moments at the drop of a hat…what could be better?!

Donalyn Miller – AKA The Book Whisperer – kicked off the weekend Friday morning with her keynote speech Choice and Voice: Fostering Reading Ownership. Some of the best Donalyn quotes:

  • “The best thing we can do when a child wants to talk about a book is to listen.”
  • “Learners who lose their choices become dis-empowered.”
  • “You want to see higher level thinking? Read a wordless book with a child.”

Some of the standout sessions this year focused on Makerspaces, Genrefying, New in 2015, Grant-writing, Collaboration, and WA state book awards.

I was honored to present this year, too.  My session – Operation: Motivation! A year of enthusiasm in the elementary library – was to wrap up the conference. To be honest, I feared no one would stick around for the last session (um…guilty).  But they did. And I was relieved. And the audience was FANTASTIC.

The handout for my session is on the WLMA site.  If you want the procedural links referenced at the end of the session, see below.

Folks who came to WLMA15, I hope you connected, collaborated and created all weekend long and are ready to utilize new knowledge and ideas within your library program.  I know I am. Looking forward to next fall in South Seattle!


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