Digital Citizenship, Social Media, and Tech in 4th grade

This year, the 4th graders have participated in extensive lessons on Digital Citizenship.  Focusing on being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE online, I used the fantastic curriculum from the amazing Common Sense Media, tailoring their lessons to meet the unique needs of my students.  In specific, I used Digital Citizenship Pledge, Super Digital Citizen, Private and Personal Information, Strong Passwords, What’s Cyberbullying?, and Talking Safely Online.  common-sense-media

Blending these lessons together and teaching them across the spring, I learned more about my students than I ever imagined.  They are digitally connected.  Some write blogs and have personal email accounts. Others are afraid to talk to their parents about tech mistakes.  Most know someone who has either been cyber-bullied or posted something they shouldn’t have online  Most importantly, though, through our conversations I learned that they are LEARNING.  They’ve started coming in with questions about pop-ups and apps, leading to peer-led discussions and authentic learning experiences.

The end of our year together is focused on two activities designed to compliment their digital learning: writing Digital Safety Tips and completing a Tech/Social Media Questionnaire.

Digital Safety Tips:  Similar to the safety tips found in the picture book Officer Buckle and Gloria, students are writing Digital Safety Tips on ways to be safe, respectful, or responsible online.  Each tip must be specific and include WHY it is important. They will be using ChatterPix Kids to create videos of their tips, which will (hopefully) be shared with the 2nd graders during the last week of school.  Much depends on iPad availability (6 iPads in one school = nightmare).  Students just got started on this project last week and are EXCITED to share what they know using such a cool app!


Technology & Social Media Questionnaire:  With all the data gathered each year by schools, none pertains to student access to and use of tech at home – the information I need to know.  So I made it a mission to get the data I wanted.  Blending two surveys (from CSM Student Media & Tech Survey and a school in Wisconsin), I created a Google survey for my students.  It takes about 20 minutes to complete – perfect for the end of the school year when there is no more check-out.Digital Citizenship Logo

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