Top Ten Lit Lessons I’ve Learned

Last week, I had the honor of having a column published over at the amazing Nerdy Book Club. I love Top 10 lists, and writing this post was an opportunity for thoughtful reflection on the library experience for students.





With more than 2 months between submitting the column and its publication, I had forgotten exactly what I’d written.  Rereading the column – and reading the thoughtful comments of others – reinforced the value in reflecting and learning from students.  Not a day goes by without thinking how I could do something better, more efficiently, or more meaningfully.  From lessons with students to library admin to classroom management, there is always something to learn.  Ignoring the opportunity to learn and grow is a disaster for educators.

I suppose this explains why, when my husband deleted the first draft of this column, I didn’t completely lose it.  Yes, I sulked.  Yes, I was fussy.  But as my 4th grade students remind me, I have a choice: I adopted growth mindset and started rewriting.  After all, it was ultimately my fault (I didn’t save it), and the writing was better for it.

So now I ask you: What lessons have you learned from your students this year?  Please share!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Lit Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. Lisa

    I’m a librarian in a college with all adult students. I’ve learned “Never assume.” A student interrupted me near the end of a bibliographic instruction session to ask “How did you get that on the computer.” It took a while to get to the heart of the matter: She was older and truly did not know how to “get on” the internet. Happily, she understood the rest pretty darned well since she’d loved the library as a child. Never assume.
    Just found your blog, shared a link to a post in a tweet and will be back again to read more.


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