Connecting with staff & families from the library

Connecting. Communicating. Advertising, Broadcasting.

Whichever word you choose, it’s been a top priority in the last few months to showcase our library program: the resources (books!), the creativity (lessons!), the technology (STEM!), the activities (awards!)…

But how to do this connecting in the most effective & efficient way? I ♥ this blog/Twitter/Facebook, but let’s be honest: not many families visit my feed weekly (or ever).  I’ve tried a newsletter for a bit, but ultimately felt it wasn’t worth the effort.

So: After speaking with staff and parents, I created a Weekly Wednesday email sharing 2-3 bits of library-related info.  Sending it to staff – who then forward it to families – has resulted in a greater audience (as families usually glance at teacher-sent emails).  How do I know? Because parents have responded with qadestions or comments. 🙂

Designed to be eye-catching (did I mention they glance at their in-box?) and brief, the goal is to share the great aspects, learning, and knowledge in our library on a weekly basis.  Keeping the library as a proactive, positive resource is vital.  There is always something new and informative in the library!

Below is a our most recent weekly email. (Bonus: it’s also emailed to interested colleagues!).

So: Take the plunge.  Get started!

  • Share what knowledge you have and what is new in your library.
  • Keep it short & eye-catching.
  • Embed images & hyperlinks (instead of attaching files or pasting long web addresses).
  • Be predictable. Our email always includes a Book of the Week.
  • Circle back. Poetry was a big theme during April’s emails – hence the shout-out to the 2nd grade poetry unit.
  • Know that someone will be thankful. 🙂


Library Update: 05.05.15

New Tech: padlet

Padlet is a free web-based application that allows users to post content (text, images, videos, documents) on a simple background. It can be private or public and has the option of password-protection.  The best part: anyone – from any device – can collaborate and add to a similar topic with minimal effort.

Our library has a Padlet featuring ALL of the recommended 2015 Books of the Week:

Book of the Week: The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart


At first glance, Mark is like most kids: he’s got a best friend, loves his dog, and enjoys the outdoors. But Mark’s not like most kids – he’s sick. Really sick. So sick that he decides to run away from his small WA town to go do the one thing he’s always dreamed of: climb Mt. Rainier. Because he’s afraid: if he doesn’t go do it now, while he’s feeling good, will he ever have the chance? With his dog by his side, Mark takes off leaving behind family and friends.  He only hopes he makes it to the mountain before they figure out where he is…or worse.

A hopeful, action-packed story of determination and friendship, Dan Gemeinhart’s debut novel will build empathy and get kids talking. NEW in 2015.

Writing Poetry with 2nd graders

Poem in Your Pocket Day was a success!  Throughout the day, students were seen reciting poems, wearing poem pockets & stickers, and reading/writing poems.  What a treat!


During National Poetry Month in April, all students celebrated poetry during library class.  The 2nd graders studied free-verse poetry: they learned its unique traits, listened to poems, practiced Claim-Evidence-Reasoning, and created a class free-verse poem.  These poems were inspired by our read-alouds and are written from the point of view of the dog in the photo above. They are on display in the main hall of the school, along with a summary of their learning.  For more information, visit the main hall or click HERE.

Need books? Curious about creative apps for kids? Come by the library or send an email.  We work hard at staying informed and are happy to help!   Ms. Arika & Mrs. Bethel

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      Absolutely! Send me an email at arikadickens at yahoo dot com, and I will send you the best screen cap I can. Warning: it’s larger than one screen (with images). thanks for asking, arika

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