Read-Aloud Tuesday: 05.12.15


Welcome! On #ReadAloudTuesday, I read to the Maple classroom at my son’s Montessori school to students ages 3-6.  Young readers are demanding and honest: I strive to share the best of children’s literature with them each week.

Interesting: 3 of the 4 books this week are by Lauren’s!


Leap Back Home to Me by Lauren Thompson

Leaping across ponds, over trees, and up to the sky, a young frog is encouraged to leap as far and as wide as possible.  The adventures of the frog are captured in rhyming couplets ending with the refrain “leap back home to me”, as the young frog knows of the safe, welcoming home (and family) that supports and encourages exploration.  Share with ages 3-6.


I Don’t Want to be a Frog! by Dev Patty

Another frog, this one not so pleased.  Frog, conversing with an elder via speech bubbles, would rather be a rabbit (they’re can jump!), or a pig (they eat garbage), or even an owl (they’re wise).  Alas, the elder frog reminds him that regardless of wants, Frog can’t be a rabbit (no long ears), or a pig (no one likes eating garbage), or even an owl (no swiveling neck).  It’s when the frogs talk with a wolf that Frog accepts his reality – which is pretty great.  A solid read-aloud choice.  Share with ages 3-7. NEW in 2015!


Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo

A young boy visits his Nana in New York City, and decides that the busy, noisy, scary place is not meant for Nanas.  Nana, though, loves the bustle, the busy, the excitement of the city.  Armed with a newly knitted red cape, she outfits her brave grandson and takes him on a tour of the city she loves.  Castillo’s bold, warm illustrations lend excitement and tenderness to this touching ode to city living.  Share with ages 3+. NEW in 2014.


The New Small Person by Lauren Child

Elmore Green had it all: a room to himself, control over the TV, even a jar of jelly beans! That all changes on the day it arrives.  This new small person squawks in protest over Elmore’s TV choices, sits on toys not meant for sitting-on, and licks each jelly bean in his jar.  The last straw: moving in to Elmore’s room. All Elmore wants to do is get away from it…until the night he has a scary dream.  Sibling rivalry may have met its match.  Children of all ages – especially elder siblings – will relate to Elmore’s challenges and struggles in getting a baby brother.  Notable is Child’s ability to rapidly age the younger sibling – from baby to toddler to preschooler – in a few short pages.    Share with ages 4+.

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