#AMonthOfReading: March 2015

A Month of Reading (#amonthofreading) is just that: the YA & kidlit books I read each month.  You can also find my lists on Goodreads.  To be fair, the books in this list are new-to-me reads – because like every reader, I do a LOT of rereading!

 March 2015 FICTION (including YA)





2 thoughts on “#AMonthOfReading: March 2015

  1. Lauren Bonjrada

    Hi Arika~ I love your blog and your Month of Reading posts! Are all of the books you list here ones that you have added to your school library?

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Thanks for replying! No, they’re not all part of our library collection. My school is K-5. Some of the books are too young (I read these on Read Aloud Tuesday to 3-6 year olds), while others are YA. My goal is to write a sentence for each title (like i did in Feb), but time was short today.


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