Library Lessons: Mar2-6

Kindergarten: Week 1 of our 2 week Geisel Award unit.  Here is the Geisel PowerPoint: K-geiselaward-2

2nd grade:  

The 2nd graders spent 3 weeks using multiple resources (brainpop jr, pebblego) to research communities. They took notes in their own words and rewrote them in persuasive language. The end project goal was to use their persuasive writing in a video using the Tellagami app on the iPad. I didn’t know if it was feasible, but it was always the goal…

Students  had an intro on using Tellagami. The purpose was to discover what the app was and how it worked…not to create a final project video. (Kids need time to explore and play to learn!) After a 10 minute focus lesson, students were divided into pairs. Half of the class went to iPads to tinker/ create, while the other half went to check-out. Each student had 5-6min of dedicated time on the iPad to explore the app (~12min for a pair). iPad work was done at tables, while check-out students sat in the story pit after choosing materials. (Separating the groups worked well: focused learning time while no hovering over devices!) We used a total of 7 devices: the 6 that belong to the school and my iPad from home.

The lesson/work was, in a word, unbelievable. Focused, engaged students eagerly explored the app, and many asked if they could begin work on their assignment for next week (creating their video for moving to a rural/urban area). Checking in with students at the end allowed them to share new learning they discovered outside of the focus lesson (and there were many!).


4th grade: a tech-focused week. I shared where to find the Vine videos from booktalks online and reviewed using Destiny to put books on hold and how to take them off hold. This skill was a must-review, as many students have been picking up copies at KCLS/bookstores and not taking items off hold.


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