Library Lessons: April 13-17 – SUB WEEK

The week after Spring Break, and I was off for professional development 2,000 miles away at TXLA.

Kindergarten plans:  April is National Poetry Month.  Read: Truckery Rhymes by Jon Scieszka


  • This book combines poetry with Nursery Rhymes, which we’ve read all year
  • At the end of the story, ask students which character was their favorite and to explain WHY. Make a chart using the rolling white board.

2nd grade plans:  April is National Poetry Month.  Read: Once I Ate a Pie by Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest


  • Goals: understand features of free-verse poetry, use claim evidence reasoning after reading different poems to answer the question “Would you like to own this dog?”
  • PowerPoint slides to display are here: G2-freeversepoetry
  • My two favorite poems in the book to use for claim evidence reasoning are “Darla” and “Louis”.  Darla rings a bell all-night-long, while Louis BARKs at everything and anything.  Asking the students to make a claim – Darla/Louis is the better dog to own – then back it up with evidence generates enthusiastic conversation.

Due to the conversational aspect of this lesson, it is OKAY not to finish the whole book…please note where you stop for each class.


4th grade plans: Feature Genre: BIOGRAPHY.  Read: Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds by Paula Yoosixteen-years-in-sixteen-seconds-sammy-lee-story

  • This read-aloud coordinates with the 4th grade Biography project, where they are asked to identify virtues and important life events of a person.
  • As you read, make a list of FIVE significant events in Sammy Lee’s life.
  • If time, identify three of Sammy’s virtue.  Please have students give support their virtue claim using evidence from the text.

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