Read-Aloud Tuesday: 03.24.15


Welcome! On Read-Aloud Tuesday, I read to the Maple classroom at my son’s Montessori school to students ages 3-6.  Young readers are demanding and honest: I strive to share the best of children’s literature with them each week.

lousy-rotten-stinkin-grapesLousy Rotten Stinking Grapes by Margie Palatini

Spying a tantalizing bunch of grapes hanging just out of his reach, Fox – sly, clever, smart – devises a plan to get them down.  Bear, Possum, Porcupine and others are recruited to help Fox with his plan.  When they attempt to share alternatives to Fox’s increasingly complicated plan, they’re shut down with a “tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk”.  After all, he is sly, clever, smart! Teamwork and open-mindedness is celebrated in this fable-like story.

supertruck-stephen-savageSupertruck by Stephen Savage

Trucks are the most important part of the town.  They fight fires, tow cars, and come to the rescue.  Lowly Garbage Truck, though, is overlooked…until the day of the big snow storm.  That’s when Garbage Truck goes to the local garage, puts on his snowplow attachment, and rescues all the other stranded trucks.  Short and sweet with bold illustrations, this is a standout for young transportation-loving children.  New in 2015!

book-Cat-SecretsCat Secrets by

Three cats come across a book titled “Cat Secrets”.  Ready to read its contents, they insist that all non-cats leave.  Suspicious that there are still non-cats around, they have the audience perform cat-like actions. Careful observers notice that the humans aren’t the only non-cats in attendance: a clever mouse is also trying to get the book!  After instructing the audience to meow, purr, stretch and nap like a cat, the three cats end up taking a nap…allowing the mouse to attain his prize.  This interactive book begs to be read aloud to a group!

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