Read-Aloud Tuesday: 03.10.15


Welcome! On Read-Aloud Tuesday, I read to the Maple classroom at my son’s Montessori school to students ages 3-6.  Young readers are demanding and honest: I strive to share the best of children’s literature with them each week.

boy-who-cried-wolfThe Boy Who Cried Wolf retold by B.G. Hennessy

The classic folktale of a young shepherd who, looking for adventure, cries “WOLF!”.  Once, twice, townspeople come running to rescue his flock of sheep.  But as in many folktales, it’s the third time that counts.  Here, three wolves show up and the boy, alone, must find his sheep (a job clever readers will enjoy!).  An excellent, kid-friendly retelling with choral-reading opportunities.

wolfie-the-bunnyWolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman

Dot’s family arrives home one day to find a sweet bundle on the doorstep.  Inside: a wolf baby.  Mama is smitten.  Papa’s in love.  Dot cries, “HE’S GOING TO EAT US ALL UP!”  As Wolfie grows so, too, does his appetite.  Upon finding an empty carrot cupboard, Dot sets off for the Carrot Patch Co-Op store…with devoted Wolfie in tow (wearing his precious pink bunny suit).  It’s at the shop where, confronted with a real-life predator, Dot realizes what Wolfie means to her and how far she’ll go to protect him.  Perfectly paced with rich illustrations and a spunky bunny, this is not to be missed.  NEW in 2015.

LarfLarf by Ashley Spires

Larf is a solitary fellow, and he likes that just fine.  He’s a Sasquatch, after all, and having his privacy invaded by creature-seeking folk isn’t his style.  When an upcoming Sasquatch appearance makes the news, though, Larf treks to the city to see if there’s another like him, or if he’s meant to be alone.  With a cute-as-pie pet bunny and engaging topic (unknown creatures), Larf highlights that it’s okay to be a quiet fellow, but having a good friend isn’t so bad either.

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