Library Lessons: Feb 2-6, 2015: Fabric, Persuasion, Cyberbullying

Week 22!


2nd Grade:

No iPads yet – teachers are still using them for reading testing.  Until then, we’re revisiting persuasion using a WCCPBA book AND working in claim-evidence reasoning!

4th Grade:


We started our lesson by reviewing the four reasons people go online (to find information, to communicate, to be entertained, to shop).  I focused on one of the four reasons – communication – and shared with students this video from Common Sense Media:

After viewing, we picked up our PPT on Slide 5.  As a group, students filled in the Venn Diagram detailing the similarities and differences between cyberbullying.  One of the best parts of this discussion  was when an astute 4th grader said he’d rather be bullied in person, because when you’re cyberbullied you have no power.  When it’s face-to-face, you can do something about it right away.

cyberbullying-pptCyberbulling PPT for grade 4

At the end, I shared a commercial I’d seen over the weekend during the Super Bowl.  Given that we live in Seattle – and our Hawks were playing – I knew it would’ve been seen by many.  Showing it again showed that cyberbullying happens to everyone and that THEY have the power to make a change (not Coke!).

After check-out, I gathered the class back together to watch one final clip from Common Sense Media.

This was one unit with big impact and one that parents are thrilled is being taught.  Today’s volunteer – a local news anchor – shared with another teacher that she was so thankful that cyberbullying and appropriate online behaviors were being taught in school.  That’s what happens in the library: teaching and learning for the 21st century and beyond!  🙂

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