Library Lessons: Jan 23-27, 2015 – EJK, Communities, Cyberbullying

Week 21!

Kindergarten: To celebrate the end of our Ezra Jack Keats author/illustrator study, we watched a video featuring 1-2 titles we had yet to read.

Throughout the study, students listened to numerous stories featuring Peter and learned about his friends, family, and pet dog Willie.  After each story, we constructed a chronological display of the books by Peter’s age.  They were in awe as they saw how Peter grew from a 5 year old to a big boy!  Claim Evidence Reasoning played a big part as students used illustrations and text to give evidence to their claim of how old Peter was in each story.  They used their schema to explain their reasoning.

 2nd grade: Students are deep into their Communities research.  Goal: persuasive writing.

Last week, students used PebbleGo Social Studies to research either an URBAN or RURAL area, working to find information that would be interesting to a kid and write it in their own words.  This week, they transformed their notes into persuasive sentences/paragraphs as they tried to convince a kid to move to their area.  Next week – if we’re lucky – we’ll get iPad’s into the library for students to use.  The goal is for each student to use their persuasive writing to create a Tellegami video the following week.

 4th grade: Last week, we focused on Digital Citizenship.  I used the Common Sense Media lesson titled Super Digital Citizen and created a ppt to walk the classes through thoughtful questions related to the power of the Internet.  The students discovered that there are 4 reasons to go online: to learn something, to be entertained, to buy something, or to communicate.20150128_204224282_iOS

This week, we focused on communicating online.  Common Sense Media’s cyberbullying lesson was the starting point for our conversation.  Students discussed how bullying made them feel (using 1 word) and possible scenarios for cyberbullying.  I used this powerpoint to guide our lesson.  It was an amazing discussion that lasted longer than I’d anticipated.


Next week, we’ll look at a video on CSM before completing the cyberbullying activity on the website.

2 thoughts on “Library Lessons: Jan 23-27, 2015 – EJK, Communities, Cyberbullying

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