Library Lessons: Jan 19-23, 2015 – Ezra Jack Keats, PebbleGo+communities, digital citizenship

Week 19!  Oh, yeah!

Kindergarten: Our penultimate week featuring stories from author/illustrator Ezra Jack Keats.  Classes read Hi, Cat! and, if time, Pet Show.

For the last 2 weeks, students have been working on putting Keats’s stories featuring Peter in chronological order.  Lots of Claim-Evidence-Reasoning happening with this activity, along with revisiting stories and examining illustrations.  This discussion has been an absolute joy to facilitate, as the K’s have definitive views!

Next week: Ezra Jack Keats + DVD = movie week!

2nd grade: Week 2 in our mini-unit on Communities.

A quick review of last week’s BrainPop led to modeling how to access PebbleGo’s Social Studies information.  With a note-taking guide, students chose to research either a RURAL or URBAN community, understanding that the purpose of the research would be to persuade a kid to move from the suburbs to their choice community.  A brief talk about using one’s own words in research set students in motion.  Most completed the task in 10-15 minutes.  Those who didn’t due to time management issues: no time for check-out.

4th grade:  Week 1 of a Common Sense Media lesson on being a Super Digital Citizen.  The goal was to look at choices being made by users of the Internet and how they, the student, can make choices that are SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, and RESPECTFUL.  The white boards show their thoughts on what happens when someone chooses not to be a Super Digital Citizen.

FYI: Prior to teaching, I watched the videos attached to the CSM lesson (above).  They were inspiring, though frustrating (the very cool comic website used is $$$…which is never mentioned).  I created a Powerpoint based on the videos to walk my students through the steps needed to think about using the Internet in a safe, respectful, responsible way.

3 thoughts on “Library Lessons: Jan 19-23, 2015 – Ezra Jack Keats, PebbleGo+communities, digital citizenship

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