Library Lessons: Jan 12-16, 2015 – Keats, Communities, Databases

Week 18!

Kindergarten:  Week 2 of the Ezra Jack Keats author study.

Students are making connections (to self and text) as well as examining how Peter grows and changes over time.  The K’s are using the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning model from STEM to put the stories in order based on the age of Peter.  What great discussion and observation this process has allowed!   We have just one more week with Keats before heading into a 3 week Science-themed unit featuring Wool and Fabric.  We’ll read stories highlighting the making of yarn, look at nonfiction about sweaters (using indexes), and work on sequencing.

2nd grade:  Students brought in their READolutions, and I explained how they’ll track their progress.  Many questions related to what happens when they don’t achieve the goal – I’m focusing on what will happen when they DO achieve the goal (picture on Daily News, bookmarks, happy notes home, etc).  We revisited Little Dog Lost, watching a couple videos of the rescue and aftermath online.  This was a golden opportunity to talk about successful search strategies and using search engines, not just YouTube (as one great video wasn’t on YouTube).

We began a My Community unit that will focus on urban/suburban/rural living, incorporating BrainPop, PebbleGo, & research.  This week, students watched a BrainPop Jr video featuring RURAL, SUBURBAN, and URBAN areas.  In the coming weeks, students will work on persuading another kid to move from the suburbs to either a RURAL or URBAN area.  I ‘m hoping they’ll get to share their persuasion using Tellagami, though that depends on iPad availability in the school (we have 6 for teachers to use during testing – this would be the first time students would get to use them!).  Just hearing the word “iPad” got them very fired up!


4th grade:  Readolution review.  Students finished a 2 week look at historical fiction.  Last week I read  Henry’s Freedom Box, and students asked wonder questions based on events in the story.

This week, I modeled logging on to the KCLS premium databases and, as a class, we constructed a search query for primary source newspaper articles on Henry Box Brown.  One article we read insinuated that his “friend” from the story was not as helpful as portrayed. Using C-E-R, students looked for evidence and provided reasoning to support/refute this idea.  As a group, they attempted to determine who was the questionable “friend” – either Dr. Smith or James.

One 4th grade class got to view the trailer for our friend Mac Barnett’s newest project, The Terrible Two.  They were SUPER excited to check out this book.  More copies are on the way!


What students checked out this week:

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