Read-Aloud Tuesday: Jan 13, 2014

Happy Tuesday!  Here’s the adventurous stories shared today in the Maple classroom:


Up & Down by Britta Teckentrup

A penguin travels up and down, over and under, high and low to find its penguin friend.  Each action of the penguin is showcased in clever, innovative lift-the-flap panels on almost every page.  Simple illustrations keep eyes squarely on the action.  Brilliant for introducing prepositional phrases and directional vocabulary.  New in 2014!


The Nowhere Box by Sam Zuppardi

George is tired of his bothersome, annoying younger brothers.  When they ask where’s he’s going, he yells “Nowhere!”.  Using an old box, George does, indeed, go Nowhere – riding roller coasters, sailing the seas – but alone.  He ultimately realizes that adventures, much like life, are merrier when you’re not alone.  Kid-friendly illustrations showcase the true joy of an empty box, something well known among most children.  This relatable story will find a wide audience.


Shh! We Have a Plan! by Chris Haughton

Four friends creep across the title page.  Three hold nets.  Their goal: to capture a colorful bird.  Creeping closer, the littlest calls out “hello, birdie!”.  “SHH!”, admonish the others, “we have a plan!”…and do they ever. From nets to ladders to logs, the three think they know how to capture the bird.  It’s the youngest, though, who has a different, clever approach.  Haughton has written a gem of a read-aloud with plenty of opportunities for choral reading.  New in 2014!


Moo! by David LaRochelle

Meet cow.  Cow eats grass.  Moo.  Cow spots Farmer’s car for sale.  Moo?  Cow takes off down the road.  Moooo!  With one word and plenty of action, LaRochelle spins a comic tale full of highs, lows, joys, sorrows…and moos.  Bold, colorful illustrations showcasing clear emotion are a perfect match for this zany, perfect read-aloud.

Read-Aloud Tuesday is when I read aloud in my son’s Montessori classroom (ages 3-6).  Young readers are demanding and honest: I strive to share the best of the best with them each week.

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