Library Lessons: Jan 5-9, 2015 – Ezra Jack Keats, WCCPBA, historical fiction, READolutions!

Week 1 of 2015…and Week 17 of the school year!

Kindergarten:  Feature author: Ezra Jack Keats (my fav!)  This week: Whistle for Willie and Goggles!

Before reading Goggles!, students are asked to think of as many types of goggles – protective eyeware that is not suglasses – as they can.  This divergent question generates lots of correct answers and gives great insight into the thinking of the group.  Common answers include swim goggles, ski goggles, construction goggles.  Sometimes students even say pilot goggles and army goggles…but never motorcycle goggles, like Peter finds!

The Keats author study is perfect for making connections.  Our text-to-text connnections focused on similar characters.  After hearing both stories, students were invited to make text-to-self connections on ways they were similar to Peter.  Again, a question that generates conversation among even the most reluctant students.

2nd grade:  READolutions.  Genre: non-fiction.  This week: Little Dog Lost by Monica Carnesi.    Before reading, we used our world carpet map to locate the setting of the story – the Baltic Sea – and connect it to our location in the world.  Integrating map skills!

Notice that #4 on the white board is empty.  Instead of providing a thinking question for the students, I had them think of one at the end of the story.  As class dismissed, students shared their q’s: Is Baltic still alive?  What kind of dog is Baltic?  How much did he weigh?  Does he still live on the ship?  Were his owners ever found?  Thinking about reading is what great learners do.  Nice work, 2nd graders!

4th grade:  READolutions.  Genre: historical fiction.  This week: Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine. As teachers are focusing on non-fiction and the questions that it raises, library lessons will highlight historical fiction and questioning.

After reading, students brought up some great questions: What is oil of vitriol?  Why aren’t slaves allowed to know their birthdays?  Did Henry ever find his real family?  How long was he upside-down in the box?

Some of the answers are a simple search away, while others require more focused research using historical newspapers.  We’ll be looking at those newspapers – and how to access them – next week.

Some quick pics from this week!

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