Readolution 2015

Readolution  (noun):  the act of setting a measurable goal related to reading

Last year, I set a Readolution related to reading children’s/YA chapter books and blogging about the titles.  The reading, it turns out, was the easy part.  Finding time to blog/review what I’d read, though…

This year, it’s taken me a few days into 2015 to figure out what, exactly, I’m going to set as my new Readolution.  I don’t want to give up on my 2014 Readolution – I really like having a running record of what chapter books I read (and, to an extent, the picture books I read via Read Aloud Tuesday).  So, here it is – my 2015 Readolution:

In 2015, I will read at least one new-to-me children’s nonfiction book every two weeks.

Sounds simple enough, but I know my reading tendencies: I read picture books and chapter books all the time.  Nonfiction, sadly, seems to fall by the wayside.  This goal should help!

Similar to last year, my students will also be setting Readolutions.  And just as I needed time to think of a good goal this year, students will have a week to think about their goal, too.  I’m thinking of giving them a handful of starter goals from which to choose: read one new picture book each week, read out loud to mom/dad at least once a week, read for 15+ minutes every day, write a review of a book once a month to share during library…

These are the two docs I’m using with my students: one as an explanation of what a READolution is (as it is a take-home assignment), and one that it a fun READolution hat.

2015 READolution hat       Student READolution handout

Goals will be written and displayed in the library as well as on their library passes (pics to come) so they can track their progress.  Here’s to a year of reading!

5 thoughts on “Readolution 2015

  1. libraryloverleslie

    Hi Arika,
    I’m a first year elementary librarian and I LOVE your blog! I’m inspired by so many of your creative ideas. I want to implement the Readaloution in my library and was wondering if you would be willing to share the 2015 handout. If not, I can recreate it…such a terrific way to get students to think about their reading year!

  2. Leslie

    Hi Arika – Please ignore my previous request for the Readolution form…when I looked at it again I realized how easy it was to update. I’m looking forward to implementing this with my students. Thanks again for the terrific idea!

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Hi! Thanks so much for writing! I updated the blog with the two docs that I’m using this year with students as they set READolutions. To get parents on board, I sent an email explaining the program. Teachers are on board as well, and they’re quite excited that students will be self-monitoring their own reading goals. It’ll be interesting to observe / experience how this all works as the year progresses. Cheers to a Merry 2015! –arika

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