Read-Aloud Tuesday: Dec 16, 2014

Read-Aloud Tuesday is when I read aloud in my son’s Montessori classroom (ages 3-6).  Young readers are demanding and honest: I strive to share the best of the best with them each week.

We read more than 2 books this week…I just cannot remember the other(s)!  UPDATE: My boy H remembered the book I’d forgotten!


Mogie: the heart of the house by Kathi Appelt

Full of energy, zest, and life, Mogie’s one likeable dog.  When he wanders into a home for sick children, he does what he knows best: brings life, energy, caring and love to those who need it most.  Based on a true story, Mogie’s zeal for life – his mojo – has helped dozens of children at Houston’s Ronald McDoanld House regain their mojo, too.  Appelt tells a heartwarming story of hope and healing.  Share with ages 4+.   New in 2014!


The Adventures of Beekle by Dan Santat

A large, white imaginary friend is lonely.  He’s not yet met his child, but rather than wait for her to find him, he sets off on a royal adventure.  Arriving in the city, he discovers it is busier – and lonelier – than he’d imagined.  Hope springs in his heart when he sees other imaginary friends with their children in an amusement park.  It’s when a gust of wind blows a sheet of paper his way that his future – his destiny – is revealed.  Magical and hopeful, Beekle is for anyone who knows what it’s like to wish for a friend.  Share with ages 4+.  New in 2014!


Alone Together by Suzanne Bloom

It seems like an oxymoron: alone together.  But that’s the relationship shown between quiet Bear, who is trying to take a nap, and his friend Goose, who wants to stay with Bear but can’t keep quiet.  Kids will recognize the humor in the title as well as the frustration felt by Bear.  It’s tough to have a friend who won’t leave you alone. But it’s also tough to be alone when you just want to be with your very BFF. Highly recommended.  Share with ages 3-6.   New in 2014!

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