Nerdy Book Club love

Clubs.  They were so cool.  To be part of the club seemed to permeate my school years: from the BabySitters Club series to the Spanish Club to the club scene, it seemed like I spent decades floating from one type of club to another.

Then adulthood hit.  No more good clubs!  What happened?  Were adults not cool enough for the club anymore?  Bunco groups are not clubs.  Gym memberships are not clubs (no matter how they disguise the name).  Golf clubs?  Not for me.

Last spring, though, I stumbled across a club that sounded like it was made for me: Nerdy Book Club.

“Holy cow!”, I thought.  “Nerdy = me.  Book = love.  Club = me, but the cooler me!”

I wanted in!  Turns out, joining was easy…just read the blog.  Done!

But I realized that silence, while golden, was not my style when it came to nerdy book club-style subjects.  I wanted to share some nerdy book club love.  So…

Emails were sent.  Months later, a response came: I could write a post promoting the love of reading.  And today, that post went live!


The Nerdy Book Club proves that clubs ARE cool.  Being an adult in a club that totally fits your personality, though, is more than cool – it’s nerdastically awesome.


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