Review: Rain Reign


Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin

7 word summary: Rose gives back her one love: Reign.

Realistic fiction.  Stand-alone novel.  ©2014.  Share with ages 9-13.

Missing mother.  Alcoholic, distant father.  And a dog.   When her father shows up one rainy night with a soaked dog, Rose falls in love.  She names her Reign, a homonym to “rain”.  Rose loves homonyms: she keeps lists of them with her and thinks they are lucky (rose/rows, rain/reign).  And Reign is lucky to have found someone as loving and attentive as Rose.  On the night of the hurricane, though, Reign takes off.  With the help of her uncle, Rose is determined to find Reign.  It’s the choices Rose makes that shows her compassion, grit, and true understanding of love.  A dog story where the dog doesn’t die, Martin (of Babysitter’s Club fame) has written a story that should build empathy for readers young and old alike.  Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Review: Rain Reign

  1. Mary Fister

    I am reading this to my 5th graders; projecting it on the whiteboard at the same time so they can see the homonyms… They love it.

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