Review: Following Flora


Following Flora by Natasha Farrant

7 word summary: Flora falls in love.  Is Zach worthy? 

Realistic fiction.  Sequel to After Iris. Reads well as a stand-alone. ©2014.  Share with age 10+.

The Gadsby Family is back in this sequel to After Iris (my fav middle grade novel of 2013)!  Mum and Dad are at home, trying to keep the peace among Flora, Blue, Twig and Jas.  Teen Blue’ is busy documenting life via diary and camera while trying to figure out if Jake is her buddy or boyfriend.  Younger Twig is off babysitting a crush’s sibling, while nine-year-old Jas is discovering her confident side (riding horses and writing poetry).  It’s 17-year-old Flora’s story, though: she falls madly in love with Zach.  It’s the Gadsby’s relationship with Zach, who has quite a bit of unexpected baggage, that holds the story together in this blisteringly realistic novel about the importance of family, friends, and life’s choices.  Creative cursing (“Who the **** put my shoe here?”), light romance.  Highly recommended.

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