Library Lessons Dec 1-5, 2014: NW myths, Peter Brown, WCCPBA nonfiction

Week 14!  Two more weeks until Winter Break!

A shorter week for me.  J-girl had no school on Thursday (conferences); therefore, I took the day and was off with her.

Kindergarten: New author!  Peter Brown!  YAY!


We talked a lot about perspective using Brown’s illustrations, especially when Chowder was using the far-out sellarscope to look at the animals in the Critter Corral.  This was also a good story to talk about problem and solution – specifically, the problem when Chowder was stuck in the tree and the possible solutions.

Nonfiction connection: 600’s = pets.  The K’s do love their doggie & kitty books!

Students also worked as a class at locating Brown’s books on the library shelf.  A tricky skill, but something to work on (and on and on).

2nd grade: WCCPBA nominee Sea Otter by Suzi Eszerhas

A nonfiction, narrative book detailing the life of a baby sea otter.

Our thinking question of the week was a real conversation-starter: What challenges would a baby sea otter face if it lived in an aquarium (or zoo)?

Students listened very carefully to the story and had to assimilate and apply information to make a sound statement.  They came up with 4 reasons, each supported with evidence from the text.  Nice!

4th grade: NW Coastal Peoples and MythsIMG_0267

A quick recap of our lesson last week – with a reflection ticket – to assess if the story/lesson had impact began the lesson.  Three yes/no questions later = students shared library learning at home over Thanksgiving break!  Students also got to watch the Flipgrid videos after check-out.

THIS WEEK started with the reading of a few student summaries from the Kids Discover magazine articles that highlighted the importance of storytelling and myths in the NW culture.  Then, two movie clips: one that explained the purpose of myths in the NW culture, the other being a full myth.  Each video was about 5 minutes each.  This lesson is extending/supporthing the SS/Literacy work in the classrooms!  Students will continue this work next week with another NW creation myth.

2 thoughts on “Library Lessons Dec 1-5, 2014: NW myths, Peter Brown, WCCPBA nonfiction

  1. Karinn F.

    Which NW movie clips were they? Last week we read Eagle Boy (A HUGE HIT!) and this week I’m thinking about Raven by McDermott.


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