Book Fair 2014!

Week 12 = Scholastic Book Fair!

Last week was dedicated to the fun and excitement that is the Book Fair.  I’m thankful to the team of dedicated volunteers who come in to run the registers while I work with students, teachers, and families in selecting great new reads.  Oh, and teaching about sales tax.  Math in the library?  Of course!

One of the best ideas we’ve come up with to promote the purchasing of books during the Fair is the Fun Zone.  All the non-book items – pencils, pointers, posters, stuffed animals, etc – are in this section.  It’s blocked off and is not open for the first 3 days of the Fair.  On Family Night – usually Wednesday – the Fun Zone opens.  I predicted that pulling these non-book items would hurt sales, but the opposite happened: sales actually increased.  Students were buying more books, too!  Win-win!


We’ve done this for a few years, and students now flock to Family Night.  They also revisit the Fair on Thurs/Fri to purchase those must-own trinkets, as the Fun Zone stays open the last half of the week.  I’m up front with them: no restocks on the fun items.  It can be a bit crazy, but it works.

The library benefits greatly from our Book Fair.  This year, we raised over half of our annual operating budget!  How exciting it is to have the funds to order great new books for the students and staff in the coming months!

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