Thankful for Books, Day 6: Babymouse!


I’m thankful for: Babymouse by Jennifer L Holm

With its distinctive pink and black artwork, Babymouse is easily recognizable as one of the kings (queens?) of graphic novels.  It’s her strong sense of self, her struggles with friendship, and her vivid imagination that keep readers coming back for more.  From the beach to the stage, the high-spirited Babymouse series is a winner.

J-girl, age 7, is a huge Babymouse fan.  It’s the classic combination of words and pictures in a palatable format that keeps her entertained for hours.  She seeks out titles at libraries and bookstores, rereading favorites wherever she can: in the car, under the covers, on the couch.  As much as she loves Babymouse, though, perhaps I love her more.  Because any character that engages my girl and encourages reading is worthy of adoration.

One thought on “Thankful for Books, Day 6: Babymouse!

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