Thankful for Books, Day 5: Cam Jansen


I’m thankful for: Cam Jansen by David A. Adler

Her real name is Jennifer, but with a memory like a camera she’s known as Cam.  It’s that photographic memory that enables her to solve mysteries with her best friend Eric.  Hearing Cam say “click” lets readers know she’s found a potential clue, giving readers a chance to work alongside her to crack the case.

I vividly remember my elementary school library and where, exactly, the Cam Jansen mysteries were shelved:  all the way in the back, on the stage (yes, there was a stage), a sharp left, then under A for Adler.  Third grade wasn’t my best year as a student, but it was perhaps the year that I started to identify myself as a reader…and Cam Jansen was a big part of my self-identification.  And while it may be crazy to think how this series – the first of many series I read as a child – continues to be both published AND popular more than 30 years later, it’s really not so far-fetched: great books will always have readers.  Cam Jansen is the proof for young readers.


Me and David A Adler at 2014 ALA. Exciting!

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