Thankful for Books, Day 4

foxtrot_bb01703f842923f720e7ec9eaeb747ef (2)

Calvin-Hobbes-calvin-26-hobbes-116940_1024_768 (2)

I’m thankful for: Foxtrot / Calvin and Hobbes

Perennial favorites in the 90’s, Ament and Watterson created memorable characters and dynamic family scenarios with just a few words and pictures each day.

Starting in middle school, my mornings began with the comics.  I’d race my brother to get the AJC newspaper, snatch the Entertainment section, and then pour over the day’s offerings while he’d wait in a less-than-silent sulk.  Without question, our favorites were spicy Calvin and his expressive tiger, Hobbes and the realistic siblings of the Fox family.  Eventually, we branched out: I’d also read the Sports pages, while he’d grab the Auto section.  As adults we’re still readers of comics, though neither Calvin nor Foxtrot run as daily strips.  To this day, when we visit our parents, we’ll grab a bowl of cereal, scour the paper for the funnies, and settle to read our new favorites…while lording it over the other in triumph, of course.

Each year, as Thanksgiving approaches, I take a moment to reflect and give thanks to the books that influence my life, my family, and my students.

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