Thankful for Books, Day 2


I’m thankful for: the Mercy Watson series by Kate DiCamillo

My boy H, age 5, loves – LOVES! – this series.  So does J-girl, age 7.  So do all the adults and children readers I know.  Yippie-aye-oh, here’s what we know: Mercy is the best!

Mercy is a pig – a true porcine wonder.  Mr and Mrs Watson are her doting owners.  And Eugenia, Baby Lincoln, Ned, Leroy Ninker and others make up the Deckawoo Drive gang of neighbors, friends, and community members where the Watsons live.  A beginning chapter book series that’s as entertaining for adults as it is for children. Kate DiCamillo’s rich vocabulary and fluid storytelling – along with Van Dusen’s energetic artwork – is not to be missed.

Each year, as Thanksgiving approaches, I take a moment to reflect and give thanks to the books that influence my life, my family, and my students.

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